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  • “My home my castle”.  We get this.  Our people like property, no matter where it is.

    You have worked hard to own your property. And now it is, or will be, your most valuable asset.

    At My Valuer, we provide honest advice and unrivalled professional service to make your valuation process smooth and enjoyable.

    My Valuer appreciates that you and other stakeholders rely on our valuation to be able to help you make an informed property decision.

    Whether it is to buy, sell, re-finance, make home improvements, or in those unfortunate circumstances, to sort out relationship property – My Valuer will provide a valuation that you can rely on, and move forward with informed confidence.

    My Valuer Residential valuations are fully compliant and accepted by all major banks.

  • My Valuer works with local and national property owners, and Hawkes Bay businesses who occupy land that is diverse in use – from commercial retail and office to industrial warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing.

    At My Valuer, we build a profile of the asset to understand its cashflow, lease terms and conditions, ownership and tenant obligations, competition and industry trends in which the property falls, and most of all, its risk profile relative to other commercial and industrial property.

    The report we provide gives you absolute transparency, and the ability to make an informed decision about the property.

    We carry out comprehensive discounted cashflow modelling to help build a profile of the property. This is one part of the process which helps you make an informed business decision on the information contained in our report, and the post valuation discussions we have with you.

    My Valuer Commercial valuations are fully compliant and accepted by all major banks.

  • My Valuer has experienced lifestyle Valuers who have provided professional valuation services to many lifestyle property owners throughout Hawkes Bay, Mahia and Gisborne.

    Our lifestyle team love working in the lifestyle environment, and they relate well to the people they meet.

    We know that many lifestyle owners don’t actually have a lot of spare time, so we can step in and give you the information you need to help make that informed decision.

    My Valuer Lifestyle valuations are fully compliant and accepted by all major banks.

  • Number-8 wire, cow sheds, hay sheds, sheep and beef, pips and stones.  The rural sector is as diverse as the people within it. From family farms to corporate owners, we roll up our sleeves and engage on a highly professional level which ensures that key stakeholders can make informed and confident decisions.

    My Valuers rural valuation team has extensive experience in all sectors of the rural community. Our team provides valuations for market, rental, compensation, insurance, tax and GST apportionments.

    My Valuer Rural valuations are fully compliant and accepted by all major banks.